Neal Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

Neal Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern


I love making baby blankets. My favorite size are big enough to snuggle, but not so big that they will drag on the floor when they are carried around the house. I love seeing babies wrapped up in handmade blankets, but I also love when the blanket I make can be used and loved for years. The Neal Baby Blanket crochet pattern is a great one to have in your pattern bag for any baby gift needs.

There's nothing more innocent than a newborn babe. And you, my sweet, are the most innocent of all; the product of the truest love.      —Zelena to the baby of Snow and Charming.

My children love blankets and snuggle them all the time. In bed while reading books. In the car on the way to school on a cold day (which happen a lot in Wyoming). On the couch while watching movies every Friday night. Pretty much any time. Having small snuggle blankets makes this so much easier.

When I got the opportunity to be a part of the blog hop with Crochet Foundry I jumped on it. I love what they do in the crochet world and I was so excited to be able to feel just a little part of it. The Furls Wander yarn is one of the few acrylic yarns I actually like. (I have become pickier with my yarn I admit, but if I am making something that will be next to babies skin I want something I know will not hurt them.) And the colors they have (which just recently expanded) are so pretty.

The Neal blanket was made using 2 of the Wander yarn Palette packs (same palette, just 2 packs), but you can use any colors. I chose the Interlude palette and I love how well these colors play together. They are not too bright, but are playful, simple, and fun. And the Streamline Swirl hook glides nicely through this yarn without catching or sliding too fast.


I named this blanket after the second baby of Snow and Charming (from "Once Upon A Time"). A sweet baby who is the product of the truest love. All babies are just pure, honest, true love. And all babies deserve a blanket to wrap up with and feel safe and secure. Follow along here for the free pattern, or purchase the ad free printable in my shop.


Yarn: 10 skeins total of Furls Wander yarn (I used 2 of the Interlude Palette packs). You will need 5 colors in all.

Hook: 5mm (H) crochet hook. I used my Furls Streamline Swirl hook for this project.

Scissors, tapestry needle, tape measure, and stitch markers (optional).

Finished Size

As written, the final measurements are approximately 34" x 36". This blanket can be made larger or smaller by adjusting the foundation chain.


14 sc x 20 rows = 4"


This pattern is worked in an odd number for sizing purposes. To change the size of the blanket, either increase or decrease your starting foundation chain by an odd number.


ch - chain

sk - skip

sp - space

yo - yarn over

M3c - Marguerite cluster with 3 spike loops

FSC - foundation single crochet

[...] - repeat what is in the brackets

Special stitches

fsc - foundation single crochet: 

Step 1: Ch 2. 

Step 2: Insert hook in first ch 

Step 3: Yo and pull up one loop (2 loops left on hook).

Step 4: Yo and pull through one loop (2 loops on hook). (Just made a ch st)

Step 5: Yo and pull through both loops.

Step 6: insert hook in the ch from step 4. Insert your crochet hook into the space between the chain and the single crochet

Step 7: Yo and pull up a loop. (2 loops on hook). Yo and pull through the first loop on your hook. (Just made a ch sp)

Step 8: Yo and pull through both loops on the hook.

Step 9. Repeat steps 6 through 8 until you have the number of stitches you need for your project.

M3c - Marguerite cluster with 3 spike loops:

Insert hook and draw a loop through the loop that closed previous M3c, draw loop through same place as last spike of previous M3c, sk 1, last loop in next ch, yo and draw through all 4 loops on hook.


Here is a video of how to work the M3C stitch:



Using Color A, FSC 155.

R1: Ch 3 and turn. 1 M3c picking up 1 loop in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th ch from hook, [ch 1, 1 M3c] to end.

R2: Ch 3 and turn. 1 M3c picking up loops in 2nd and 3rd ch from hook and in loop that closed 2nd m3c on previous row, [ch 1, 1 M3c picking up first loop in loop that closed previous M3c, 2nd loop in same place as last spike of previous M3c and last loop in ch that closed next M3c on previous row] to end, picking up final loop in 3rd of ch 3 turn.

Repeat R2 for 10 more rows, giving you a total of 12 rows.


Change to Color B and work another R2

Change to Color C and work 12 repeats of R2

Change to Color B for 1 repeat of R2

Change to Color D and work 12 repeats of R2

Change to Color B for 1 repeat of R2

Change to Color E and work 12 repeats of R2

Work the Repeats section one more time so you have each color block twice, ending after the second section of Color E.


Border will be worked in the round. You are working a linen st border, so you need an even number on each side.

Join Color B in any of the corners. 

Round 1: Sc in each st along the first side. In the corner, work an [sc, ch 2, sc] all in the same corner st. Do this for each  side of the blanket, making sure to have an even number on each side. Work the last corner the same as the others.

Round 2-4: [Ch 1, sk 1, sc in the ch sp] to corner. [sc, ch 2, sc] in the corner. Continue around the blanket.

Tie off and weave in ends.

I would love to see what you create! Please tag me on Instagram @angelkissedfiberarts and/or use #NealBabyBlanket and/or any of the following #angelkissedfiberarts #akfamakers #ouatcrochet

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