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Business Expense/Income Tracker

Business Expense/Income Tracker

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Business Expense/Income Tracker

Save yourself the big headache at tax time. Be ready for taxes without having to scramble at the end of the year to find all the information. Have everything at your fingertips by using this spreadsheet throughout the year.

The Business Expense/Income Tracker uses Google Sheets. Track your expenses and income by month, and see your YTD summary in one place. Follow your income, expense, and net profit/loss per month as well as over the entire year. Know where the majority of your expenses come from as well as what is bringing in the most income to your business.

Editable fields to track your specific expenses or income items. Change Expense or Income category names on the Summary page and they will be changed throughout the other tabs as well.

Save a copy, then start over in the new year. This spreadsheet is re-usable for a lifetime.

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